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Marketing Starter Pack

So, you want to jump into online marketing for the first time. First, high-five! Getting into the online space is a great way to increase customer awareness, multiply sales and build relationships with customers. Before you splash into the digital space with a belly flop, you'll want to check out some tools. These three gadgets make the difference between floating with a beer in your hand and you at the bottom of the proverbial online ocean, tangled in seaweed harassed by sea slugs.

Be a floater, not a sinker with this marketing starting pack. (The best part is that all of the tools I mention below are free!)

Ever wonder how you can consistently put out social media content on your business's social media accounts to share your cool products/services, deals and information with customers? After all, you're only one person or a small team of people. It's challenging to find time to create a social media post daily. Get ready for it to be pretty straightforward with Buffer. You can schedule social posts for up to 3 social accounts and up to 10 scheduled posts at a time with their free version. Try out their pro version for free for 14 days and then your account is changed to a free account. That means when you do have time, you can sit down and plan out content for the coming week. 2. Add Pizzazz To Photos & Flyers: Canva

You don't need to fork over tons of money for Adobe products or any other design products. You don't need design classes. Just open a free account with Canva. Canva offers elegant, predesigned templates and tools to help you create flyers, social media posts and more, in record time.

Your website is your virtual storefront. Prospective customers are going to have questions galore about your business. What products/services do you sell at what price point, what are your hours of service, where are you located, etc? Having a website helps you answer those questions, grow awareness of your business, and allows you to sell online. Creating a site with Wix is easy! Just like Canva, Wix has templates to make website building a breeze.

Have you found other tools that you'd recommend? Share them with me by tagging me, @YourCoolMarketing, on Facebook!

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