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Why Are My Yelp Reviews Vanishing?

Wondering why your Yelp reviews disappearing? Managing your online reputation isn't easy, but many local businesses struggle when it comes to Yelp. You're not alone in your Yelp frustration! Today, we're pulling down the curtains behind this review platform to find out why your reviews might be pulling a Houdini.

  1. It was posted by a relative/family member, which Yelp says violates their guidelines.

  2. It was filtered out and isn't considered a recommended review by Yelp. Recommended reviews usually offer specifics about the experience.

  3. The reviews were made by a fairly new account, which triggers Yelp's scam/bot filter.

  4. The reviews were posted at the location of the business - which Yelp can view as fraudulent because they believe the business might be buying reviews.

  5. What are some of the things you've noticed about Yelp? Share them with us below!

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Now that we've gone over why your reviews might be disappearing, here are some things you can do to help keep reviews.

  1. Be an avid Yelper yourself with the account tied to your business. While not confirmed, Yelp may give priority and leniency to accounts that it perceives are active users.

  2. Encourage people to offer specific reviews - what did they like about your restaurant, was the pizza delicious or was the environment inviting with live music? The more specific the better!

  3. While, I'm personally not a fan of this one, you can always pay for Yelp's premium service. This may help ensure that your reviews stay with your account. Yelp is, after all, a service entirely focused on making money through reviews. You may have more leverage to dispute missing reviews too as a premium account holder.

  4. Last, but not least, encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google and Facebook too! Spreading out reviews over multiple platforms not only gives you a broader online reach, but also helps you out if one review platform is being more finicky about reviews than others.

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